AcupunctureIn 1976 Dr. Julian Kenyon designed the world’s first Electro-Acupuncture device. At O’Donoghue Clinic we use Health Point, the world’s foremost electronic acupuncture device.

This device is based upon the electronic wave from research by Dr. Kenyon MD and this device has become the Gold Standard Electro-Acupuncture treatment method.

With this low intensity electric applied directly to the Meridian points by means of a probe, the stimulation gives fast relief to many conditions as well as boosting the body’s healing and regeneration system.

The Treatment of Pain.
Pain is perhaps the most common of all complaints and can be divided into :

1. Acute(having been present for only a short time. say less than 2 weeks duration)
2. Chronic(lasting more than 2 weeks) Pain occurs in many parts and for many reasons. This makes diagnosis important. When one knows where and why the pain occurs one can begin treatment.

Sports and Industrial injuries, Sprains and Strains
These are common and often acutely painful conditions. The cause is usually obvious and treatment can be applied immediately, provided always that the possibility of an injury to the bone (such as a fracture) has been ruled out by an appropriate investigation. Treating such injuries in an early stage is of considerable importance. It serves to ensure that the condition does not develop into a chronic problem,

Migraines and Headaches
These conditions can be treated regularly to prevent them starting in the first place. Combining treatments with other therapies such as massage can be very effective.

Arthritis – Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis
These are perhaps the most common cause of chronic pain. There are two main types of arthritis; Osteoarthritis, which in lay term is due to wear and tear of the joint, and rheumatoid arthritis which is a form of arthritis whereby the joints become inflamed. In general Osteoarthritis pain will respond faster to Electro-acupuncture treatment than rheumatoid arthritis which needs many treatments as well as diet change