Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to help health conscious people achieve their goal in health and fitness for life.

We have been helping people of all ages improve their health and wellbeing for more than 25 years. At O’Donoghue Clinic we use our expertise in health and wellness to bring about positive results for our clients.


  • General Injury Treatments
  • Sports Injury Treatments
  • Strengthening Programs to
  • Prevent Repeat Injuries
  • General Health Advice
  • Sport Specific Health Advice
  • General Exercise Programs
  • Sport Specific Exercise Programs
  • Sport Specific Training Schedules
  • General Nutrition Advice
  • Nutrition for High Performance Athlete

O’Donoghue Clinic Health and Wellness goals to provide innovative affordable and accessible care in a modern fitness facility.
to improve strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, posture, mental acuity, coordination and function. Promoting awareness and education. Motivation for positive behavior changes. To help restore movement and normal body function in cases of illness, injury and disability.
Advice about how to prevent the injury re-occurring.
Use therapeutic exercises designed to improve mobility and strengthen the affected area of the body.
Use ‘hands on’ treatment techniques to mobilise joints and soft tissues.
to help manage health conditions that affect many of the body’s systems, including the bones, joints and soft tissues (musculoskeletal), and the heart and blood circulation (cardiovascular).